Best Ginger Exporter in India

Best Ginger Exporter in India

Ginger (Organic & Non-organic)

We have our specialty of procuring from traditional ginger growers of tribal areas of India. We offer Ginger Rhizomes, Dried Ginger, and ginger in powder form. Ginger spice comes from a root that has its origin and prevalence in warmer parts of Asia specifically India. Ginger is known for its aromatic, spicy, and pungent flavor & taste which has its application in both culinary & medicinal preparations. Ginger not only adds value to the foods & beverages but also has its importance in soaps and cosmetics for its fragrance.

We export Cleaned & washed Ginger Rhizomes of 150grams & up with Pale Yellow in color, Fresh & Plump body, Spicy aroma which are rich in nutritional contents.

Packaging in 5 Kg Corrugated Box to Bulk bags as per the requirement of the buyer.


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