Best Jack Fruit Exporter in India

Best Jack Fruit Exporter in India


It is one of the superfoods of India which is used as unripe and ripe. Fully ripe jackfruit is sweet and has an exotic flavor. The bulbs of ripened jackfruit contain 7.5% of Sugar & a fair amount of Carotene(Vitamin A). Ripe fruits are also used in nectar and jams.

Unripe fruits are used in culinary preparations like pickles, chips, etc. The seeds are rich in Carbohydrates and a good source of vitamins, used in bakery preparations like biscuits & cookies. Due to its fibrous texture, raw jackfruit is considered a vegetarian substitute for meat.


Condition Fresh(Whole) or Frozen(in Pieces)
Size 1 to 10 KG/piece
Color Green
Packing Plastic net bags or Customizable as per buyer requirement.
Storage Temp 7-9 C
Mode of Transport Air/Sea


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