Best Brahmapuri silk Exporter in India

Best Brahmapuri silk Exporter in India

Brahmapuri or Berhampuri Silk

Brahmapur or Berhampur is known as the Silk City of Odisha for its silk work. The temple type of design of Brahmapuri Fabric is the key speciality of this silk. Dates back it was the most exported fabric of South Odisha being its proximity to the erstwhile Gopalpur Port. They also adorn the deities of Puri in their designing. They are made in pairs e.g. Saree for Women & Joda for men. The color & fabrics of Brahmapuri/Berhampuri Patta is known for the typical Odissi style of weaving. They have their range of exquisite weaves &  versatile designs.

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