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Food is coherent and integral part of our living system. An enterprise that is the outcome of more than 5 years of overseas supply of seafood and organic spices. With the principles of health, environment, and care, we are working closely with the authentic procurement and supply chain to export the healthy and safest food products. 

Drift Overseas kicked off as a seafood marketing firm in Gopalpur on sea, an ancient port town on the Bay of Bengal – a landing hub for seafood from the nearby areas and a huge supplier of exotic kinds of seafood across India. With commitments of serving organic products of India, Drift Overseas then ventured into domestic sales of agro products, organic spices & coffee, etc including exotic seafood. Gaining prodigious acceptance by our customers, Drift Overseas planned to outstretch the international markets to showcase the traditionally healthy products of India to other countries. 

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Our Service Process

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Driftoverseas is one of the most trusted marketplaces for natural and organic food and sea products in India. With our extensive expertise in procurement and supply chain, we are committed to serving our customers with the best products we have.

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